We Are All Regular Patients Now

My husband has a fair amount of pain on a daily basis. He never complains about it, and he is able to do most things just like anyone else his age. When his brother asked him if he would help him with a construction project in his basement, my husband was excited to assist him. He knew he would move at a slower pace, and his brother was fine with that as he has pain issues as well. What neither one of them counted on was needing a chiropractor in Concord to help with the new aches and pains they were experiencing.

Granted, the construction project was not minor. Also, neither of one them are in their 20s or even 30s anymore. My husband will be 60 in a couple of years, and his brother is two years younger. They just did not expect to have the level of pain from working for the first few days. They enlisted the help of their respective sons, and they were able to complete the project in under a week. Their aches and pains did not go away though, and my nephew is the one who suggested that they visit his chiropractor.

He is extremely active in sports as he is a coach at the local college, and he has seen the benefits of chiropractic care for the players on his teams. He has even used chiropractic care for himself, so his father and my husband made the appointments. My husband could not say enough good things about the chiropractor when he came home, and he even wanted me to go and visit with him. After he explained why, I thought it was a good idea too. We are both regular visitors to his office now, and my husband’s brother and his wife are too!