My Headache’s Connected to My Spinal Cord

Finding Cumming chiropractors who could figure out why I keep having headaches wasn’t a problem; I actually found a very good one with a lot of experience assisting people with spinal cord problems. The interesting thing about it is that I didn’t think I had a spinal cord problem. What I did have were horrific headaches that would come on quickly and leave me absolutely destroyed in no time flat. I’d start a day of work feeling great, and then a headache would hit and I’d have to leave early in order to go home and get some bed rest.

The headaches got to the point where they were interfering with my career. My boss wasn’t happy about me skipping out so much, either. He suggested I go see a chiropractor because he got some help with headaches caused by a nutritional deficiency there and he’s never had them come back. I thought maybe that could be what is wrong with me and called to make an appointment. I went in for the appointment and it quickly became apparent that my vitamin levels were fine. I had something else that was causing the headaches and it related to my spinal cord.

The chiropractor explained that I had a spinal cord that wasn’t quite in alignment with my body. When this happens, people can experience a number of odd problems that one wouldn’t normally associate with a spinal cord problem. In my case, it caused the headache. Some people have back or shoulder pain. He performed some adjustments that he said should fix the problem. Boy did it ever! I actually had a headache when I went in for the appointment and it went away immediately after he did the treatment. One second I had one, the next I had total and lasting relief!