Phoenix Chiropractor Keeps Me in the Game

Did you know that there is even chiropractic intervention for dogs? That is a good thing. Dogs get tremendous stresses put on their spines when playing and working. Plus, some dogs, such a Dachshunds, have long bodies that are put under even more spinal stress. I heard that for people, just bending at the waist puts an incredible amount of leverage stress on our backs. No wonder we have so many back troubles. I go to a Phoenix chiropractor on a regular basis just to be able to keep working and remain socially active.

I used to be in so much pain with my back that I would stay home and hide while I suffered. My family did things without me. I was no fun to be around when I was in pain. I was not mean or anything; I just could not keep up. Plus, I would cry out with an “Oh!” or “Ow!” when the back pain would hit hard. I spent a lot of time on benches in parks or sitting in the car alone. I just started to stay home. My family felt sorry for me, but I know they needed to experience and enjoy life. I have thought at times how I was useless and a burden because of my back pain.

My doctor had me see a surgeon who told me surgery may or may not help. There was a low rate of success for surgeries for my back issues. I was asked if I had tried chiropractic medicine. I had not. I thought they were all quacks. That is, until I went to a Phoenix chiropractor that got me back into the game of life. I am not what you might call cured of back pain, but I am feeling so much better. I have some flareups from time to time, but nothing like it used to be.