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Ways to Make a Baby Have a Healthy Sleep

Sleep is the state of rest which comes periodically and naturally during which a person loses consciousness of the real world. Sleep is distinguished from wakefulness by the reduced and inability to react to stimuli. There are two types of sleep; the REM and the non-REM. Unlike the non-REM, the REM is characterized by the rapid movement of the eyes. Sleep is important since it restores the nervous, immune and muscle systems. There are disorders that affect the sleep patterns in a person like insomnia, sleepwalking, narcolepsy and dyssomnia among others. A child needs enough hours to sleep and quality sleep so as to have a healthy growth. The following are ways to assist your baby sleep.

A sleep schedule is the most important thing a parent should do. The time, duration and respective activities to be carried out is known as a schedule. There are many activities which need to be done for the baby. The most important activities are sleeping, breastfeeding, playing, napping, cleaning and feeding the baby. The sleep schedule must detail the time all these activities must be done and their respective durations. The more the baby is small, the more the sleeping hours he/she needs. A baby should sleep for 8-10 hours in a day and this will make him or her sleep like a baby

Second, sleep train your baby. It is good to teach your baby not to cry when sleeping. A parent should develop a sleeping timetable, discover the signal to inform the baby it is time to sleep and invent signs and sounds of informing the baby it is time for sleeping. Sleep training the baby will help the baby sleep through the night without waking up and crying before morning.

The next technique to improve sleep in toddlers is regular changing of diapers. A child will have an uncomfortable sleep in case he/she is in the wet and dirty diapers. It is good to change the diapers before the child retires to bed. During the day, a child will have a quality play when he/she is in clean and dry diapers. This will enable the child to have quality sleep in the night. A tired child as a result of playing will have quality sleep. Changing of the diapers or naps should be done 3-5 times in a day. Quality diapers also promote sleep in toddlers.

Fourth, clean the baby before sleeping. Washing the baby and changing his/her clothes before bedtime promotes sleep. The child should be in clean pajamas while sleeping. These will make a child feel comfortable while in bed and in turn have quality sleep.

As a parent, you should buy a baby monitor so as to determine the right time and duration your child should sleep.

The above are the important tips for improving sleep in babies.