My Mother Needed Help That Doesn’t Come in a Bottle or with Surgery

My mom has had back troubles off and on for the last few years, but after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I was frustrated with the type of help that her regular doctor wanted to give my mother for her back. I found a solution through the expert help of a San Jose chiropractor who has now given mom a chance to be pain-free once again without need of medication, risky surgery or anything else that would be too much for mom in her condition. It makes me feel really good to see mom up and walking around without any troubles now.

My mother has always been an amazingly smart woman. She has also been strong and very independent ever since I can remember as well. I was living across country from her, and we typically spoke once per week on the phone. At some point, the phone calls from mom became more frequent to the point that she began calling every day, several times per day. The very strong woman I had always known suddenly became very anxious, confused and even fearful. I knew something was wrong.

I flew back home to check on mom, and the feeling that something was wrong really became stronger once I got there. I ended up taking mom to see a doctor, who then referred us to a neurologist. The neurologist diagnosed her with Alzheimer’s disease. I took her back to her regular doctor to discuss help for her back, and he said her only hope was to have surgery or take the pain pills he offered. Surgery was out of the question, and the pain pills made mom even more anxious. I decided to take her to a chiropractor because I knew they can often help without needing either one of those things.