To Buy Cialis Daily or Regular

Cialis is a drug that many doctors recommend to their patients who are affected by erectile dysfunction. It can help them to be able to enjoy a normal sex life while the doctor continues to diagnose the cause of ED.

Many people may not be aware that there are two options for taking this medication. With the first option, you simply take it before engaging in sexual activity. This may happen once a week, once a month, or at any other time. With this option, you do not take it unless you plan to be intimate with a partner.

The second option allows you take the drug on a regular basis or daily as is the usual case. With this option, you take it at the same time every day whether you have plans for romance or not. You may be wondering what the difference is between the two and which option is right for you.

Regular Cialis that you take only when you plan to need it is the most common option for men. It is also the most affordable because you pay for however many pills you can afford and take them as needed.

Daily dosage of the medication is often recommended to men when the as needed dose doesn't work. Some men respond better to the daily dose than they do with the regular prescription.

The two drugs are actually the same kind of medication, but the dosage given to the patient may be different. Doctors often prefer to start their patients on a low dose for daily use, such as 2.5mg or 5mg. It may be because it continues to stay in their system that it often works better than the option for occasional or as-needed use.

Another reason you may prefer the daily dose to the regular dose is that you do not have to plan for intimate moments. If you are married or in committed relationship, you may want to enjoy sexual activity whenever the mood hits, instead of having to plan in advance. With busy schedules, many people have to take the moments as they come.

However, daily doses of the medication may not be right for everyone. Choosing the regular dose of the drug that you only take on occasion may be the better option if you are not in a committed relationship and do not like the thought of taking medicine every day whether you need it or not.

Another reason for choosing the as-needed option when you buy Cialis is that it is less expensive. A package of the medication will last you longer if you only use it when you need it rather than taking it every day. If you live on a fixed income or a tight budget, this may be a priority.

Taking Cialis can help you enjoy a normal sexual life. Talk to your doctor about whether the daily dose or occasional dose is the right choice.