When You Buy Cialis, Know the Differences

You may have heard about Cialis for the treatment of erectile dysfunction but you may not be aware that there are several variations of the drug. If you have heard about different versions, your first question may be what is the difference between the types? Here is a look at the options you have with this medication and how they vary.

Cialis Super Active

Like regular Cialis, Cialis Super Active is used to treat ED in men. However, it is not the exact same medication, but a generic form of the drug. It uses Tadalafil as the active ingredient just like the brand version. However, unlike other generics that are basically copies of the brand name drug, Cialis Super Active has two differences from its brand name counterpart.

The first difference is in the inactive ingredients. It has different inactive components than the brand version. The second difference is in how they are packaged. Cialis uses tablet form while Cialis Super Active comes in capsule form. It is hailed as being the fastest acting drug with the ability to provide effects within just 10 minutes.

Cialis Professional

Cialis Professional is another name for a generic version of the brand name drug. It has the same purpose as the other options for treating ED. Like the brand name, it should not be taken without the advice and counsel of a medical provider who is familiar with your history. And like Cialis Super Active, it is less expensive than the brand version and can be more affordable for many people.

Generic Cialis

There are various versions of Cialis besides the name brand. In addition to the Super Active and Professional versions, you can find drugs with other names that still contain the active ingredient Tadalafill. Many of them contain the same or similar inactive ingredients, but all are supposed to work the same way.


There is nothing wrong with purchasing a generic version when you go to buy Cialis online. However, it is always best to check with your doctor to be sure that you are purchasing the equivalent of the name brand. Also be aware that some sites are gimmicks and are not legitimate. You can compare online pharmacies to discover the lowest prices and best shipping options for you, but make sure you are buying the correct medicine even if it is in generic form.

When you buy Cialis or its generic form, make sure you have received the approval from your doctor and a recommendation to take the product for your erectile dysfunction. This will give you peace of mind knowing that it is a safe treatment option and one that will not cause other serious problems. It is always advisable to partner with your doctor before making these decisions on your own.

You can review the cost per item, the overall cost, shipping method and price as well as payment options to determine the best choice for you. Then it only takes a few minutes for you to click on the pharmacy of your choice and make your purchase to have Cialis on its way to you.